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Below, you can find just a few writing samples, selected to demonstrate a wide range of content and style.
News, advertising, arts, editorial and lifestyle writing are all represented here.
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Zackquill, Writer / Photographer, 2016-Present

"Beertopia Aims for a Lowkey Renaissance", Author / Photographer

“I feel like you can spend the first part of your life afraid to fail, then spend the second part of your life regretting you never tried."

"Black Bear Comes Full Circle", Author / Photographer, 2017

Black Bear owners Jason Coffman and Matt Showalter opened the restaurant for the wrong reason.  At least, that’s what they tell me.

"One Year After Shooting, Monongalia Sheriffs Get Body Cameras", Author, 2017

Ten Monongalia Sheriffs raid a Morgantown home, killing the grandson of a WVU Hall of Fame coach.  None of the deputies are wearing the department's body cameras.  One year later, things are about to change.

The Noise, News Writer, 2014-2016

"Corporations Commission: Solar Protocol, Dark Money and a Shifty Utility", Author, 2014
An exposé on the "dark money" being paid to candidates in the 2014 race for Arizona's Corporations Commission, and how it might affect the future of solar energy and campaign contributions in the state.

"Wild, Wild Horses: The Race to Protect a Beloved Arizona Herd", Author, 2015
A wild horse conservation group is stunned when the Forest Services announces the slaughter of their resident herd.  Community outcry may save the lives of this small band, but a looming crisis may mean the deaths of thousands more.

Fibonacci Fine Arts Digest, Writer / Photographer, 2015

"One Film at a Time: Director Patrick Schweiss Transforms the Sedona Film Festival"
Profile article on the director of the Sedona Film Festival and his success in turning the festival around artistically and financially

Arizona Highways Photo Workshops, Writer / Photographer, 2015

"Canadian Rockies Promo"
After writing this ad copy, I served as a trip leader, simultaneously taking care of clients and producing promotional photography / videography of the experience.

Quail Bell Magazine, Writer / Photographer, 2013-2014

"Confederacy Torn: A Modern War of Ancestral Symbols"
A full two years before the Confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina statehouse, I wrote this article about my own experience with the hated symbol.  I place the story in the context of a "battle of the flags" that occurred in Richmond, arguing that the meanings of symbols are not simple, universal or permanent.

"The Forgetting Ground: An Abandoned Relic Reveals a Vanished Cemetery"
“Robbie Yeager, the young woman whose dedication once captured the heart of Richmond, lies with an unknown number of others beneath a junk lot in the forgotten cemetery behind John Marshall High.”

Advocacy / Editorial

"Historic Brewing Anniversary Signals Flagstaff Trend Shifts", Author / Photographer, 2014
Food / Lifestyle piece about a partnership between a brewer and butchery that signaled important trend shifts in Northern Arizona.

"Why Not Renew the Assault Weapons Ban?", Author, 2012
Lengthy editorial on the gun control debate that went viral and received more than half a million views.