After moving to Morgantown, it only took me about 24 hours to identify the best boutique (or apparel shop of any kind) in the city. It was clearly Park & Madison, in Suncrest Town Centre.

Park & Madison Boutique

Park & Madison Boutique

At that time, I didn’t know that fashion powerhouse Elle Magazine had already named P&M the best boutique in the state.  The boho-chic style is unique for the city – breezy, colorful, and tastefully sexy – but also a little outside of the price range of a significant Morgantown demographic: WVU girls on a budget.

and then there was LUST.

LUST is owned by Park & Madison, and it's clear that the two stores have the same buyer.  But LUST's balance of budget and style in a downtown location is perfectly geared toward students who may not have $150 to drop in a single day.  Store manager Elizabeth Sabatino and coworker Courtney Brown took the time to model four outfits from their summer collection for me this week.

I've only just acquired an appreciation for rompers over the past year or two.  (I know, I'm late to the party.)  This Palmy Palm Romper is only $38, and is an excellent buy for anyone who needs a colorful addition to their summer wardrobe.  Check out this closer shot, with Courtney's perfectly chosen gold accent pieces:

For those who like one-piece outfits but want to tone down the color, this Koko Jumpsuit ($54) and LUST hat ($18) might be more up your alley.

What I like about this jumper is its versatility.  As Elizabeth demonstrates, even without the hat you can pull this off for brunch, a gallery opening, a night on the town, or a day with the family.  The applications are endless. 

LUST's Winnie Top ($38) has a bit of a nautical feel to it, but is also pretty adaptable.  On its own, it has a classy vibe...

... but paired with something summery like these distressed Cameron Shorts ($35), it feels a lot more fun.

LUST shorts pair nicely with a lot of their other pieces.  Elizabeth combined these Cameron Shorts ($35) with the Juliet Bodysuit ($38) and Sadie Booties ($48) perfectly.


Regardless of your taste, there's plenty of unique looks to be found (and created) at LUST.  If you're looking for young women's fashion in Morgantown at reasonable prices, you won't find a better place to shop.

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