The inactivity of the Kromatic Blog during the month of June was due to my latest large-scale project: the Mared & Karen podcast.  It seems silly to even post about it now, since I have dedicated the entire Kromatic landing page to the project for the next year, but it seems just as silly to post nothing on the blog at all.

Mared & Karen is a true crime podcast that covers the gritty details of West Virginia's most notorious murders.  Its twists and turns are compelling and spellbinding in the way that horrible things can sometimes be.  Myself and the two other hosts delve into the narrative with lots of interviews and years worth of research.

There was about 9 months of planning leading up to the release of this podcast.  When it finally saw the light of day, the response from West Virginians was overwhelming.  The first website to post about it, WV Explorer, experienced a server crash from the increased web traffic.  The crew was contacted to panel a convention in Charleston in September.  WV Public Broadcasting got in touch about covering the story.  The reviews were unanimous: Mared & Karen currently maintains a perfect 5-star rating on iTunes and Facebook.

As this post is being written, Episodes 1-4 are available on every major podcasting service.  At least two more episodes will follow.

It makes me very happy that people are finding value in the project, and I hope that the remaining episodes live up to the quality people are expecting.  Thanks, West Virginia!