One of the great things about the South Park neighborhood of Morgantown is Chestnut Brewery.  I live three blocks away and can walk to (or stagger home from) the tap room in less than five minutes. 

Several of the brews made by Chestnut have their own posters with art from Brian Pickens.  Here's the artwork for the South Park Porter:

As it turns out, Mr. Pickens used actual buildings in the neighborhood as models, and the loft office of Kromatic Media is depicted on the left side of the poster.  It seemed unlikely at first, but there's really no mistaking it.

Double fireplaces, white columns that turn to brick at the base, two windows on one side of the 2nd level... and that 3rd floor loft that serves as the Kromatic Media office, where I now sit typing this. 

I'm not sure why it's cool to see something you personally identify with appear in art like this, but I am sure what I need to hang on the wall in the kitchen.