Wedding season is officially upon photographers everywhere, and I'm gearing up to produce some beautiful imagery.  This year, I'm contracting exclusively with Sensational Images, a well-established, highly-rated studio in southern Pennsylvania.  All images on this page are copyrighted.

(Interested in a quote?  You can click the link above, or call the office at 724 - 437 - 7800.)

It's hard to beat the energy and nervous excitement that comes along with a wedding day.  Aside from the whole till-death-do-us-part thing, it is fundamentally an event that involves lots of money, strict timetables, complex coordination and uncontrollable weather.  For many brides, years of planning (sometimes since they were young) have gone into making this their perfect day.  This is why I've always loved shooting the preparation before weddings most.  The documentarian in me loves that the day has only just begun to unfold, the clock is ticking, and anything could happen. 

The tension is always soothed by the way that the bridal party carefully attends to not only themselves, but to one another and the garments.  Here are a few shots taken during the makeup and preparation process this past weekend in Fairmont.

Steaming the dress

Steaming the dress