There are a few things I want to share along with these sample images from yesterday's wedding.

1)  This Lens!

It caught the eye of the Sensational Images videographer working with me at yesterday's wedding, giving me a chance to tell her what I'm about to tell you.  This is a Nikkor 50mm portrait lens that was given to me by one of my best friends.  One of the reasons I first chose Nikon over Canon was that their cameras have used the same lens mount since before digital cameras were invented.  That means I can take an old 35mm lens like this that lets in TONS of light (it has a max aperture of f/1.4) and pop it on my modern DSLR.  Because there are no digital components for the camera to communicate with, it requires total manual control, but this is an excellent way to learn.  I've always loved the images this thing produces, and thought you might too, so almost all of the samples I'll show below were taken with this lens.

2)  The Inanimate

Weddings are about human relationships, of course, so most of the images that wedding photographers take are of people.  But I'm a big fan of capturing the inanimate scenes in which those relationships play out during the evening.  When clients are looking back over their photos, these help bring them back to the physical space, the lighting, the ambiance of the night.  For this reason, many of the sample photos I'll show will also be of inanimate objects and scenes.

3)  The Photos