Yesterday I joined 62,000 other people at Milan Puskar stadium to watch WVU get revenge on TCU.  And boy, did they ever.  It took one minute and one second of the game for WVU to pull ahead by 7, and they never stopped.  Final score: 34-10.

It's not really practical to get action photos from all the way up in the stands, so I took a couple that I hoped would convey the feeling of being there.  Even my wide-angle lens can't fit everything in, but it feels kind of like this:

We did have a couple of celebrity appearances...

Most of the events that I attend with large numbers of people aren't arranged so you can see them all at once, and it's kind of staggering to see what 62,000 people looks like.  I zoomed in to decontextualize just a couple of sections of the stands, trying to give an idea of what the sea of humanity feels like: