You need video.

The necessity of visual media is now universal.  Businesses, nonprofits, musicians and political campaigns - they all require visual storytelling to connect with the hearts of their customers, donors and fans.

Kromatic Media provides artful video documentaries that are often key to crowdfunding, raising awareness, promoting music, and preserving precious moments in time.  (Not to mention all those shares / reblogs on social media.)  All video is shot in high-resolution and beautifully filtered through a variety of DSLR lenses.

Take a look at this production reel, then browse other samples below.


Art & culture

This documentary short allowed me to work with two of the most creative artists in Richmond as they developed an installation for the annual InLight festival. After this short was released, their project received the People's Choice Award.

Sometimes the moments that deserve to be remembered most are spontaneous and unexpected. I was shooting with Alexis in a heavily wooded area when we stumbled upon this abandoned house. I filmed our exploration and stylized the video to replicate the emotional atmosphere of its decay.

Politics & Society


In this 11-minute documentary short, a group of skateboarders and their families refuse the city's demands to abandon a skate park they built on an unused tennis court.  [ One week after this video was released, the city agreed to build a new skate park. ]


When pro-life legislators in Virginia discover a way to legislate abortion clinics out of existence, feminists fight back.  This documentary short summarizes the showdown at the state capitol between activists and riot police.  It was used as the climactic scene in the documentary Political Bodies, which won Best Documentary at the Austin Film Festival in 2013.

Trayvon Martin Vigil

After the controversial Trayvon Martin case, vigils were held all across the country by supporters of the young man's family, prefiguring the Black Lives Matter movement.  This 2-minute short aims to capture the mood that permeated most of those initial gatherings.



Striking Federal Workers
@ union station

This is a short video of federal workers in Washington, D.C. taking over Union Station as they fought for a higher minimum wage.