Our cover image from this episode is the photo that appeared on the front page of the
Charleston Gazette the morning after Mared & Karen's bodies were found. 

Charleston Gazette , 1970

Charleston Gazette, 1970

The makeshift grave of Mared and Karen. 
This series of photos was taken by the primary photographer working with the state police,
as all reporters and photographers were barred from the scene with a roadblock.

Here, you can see the fallen(?) tree we talk about in Episode 2.  At the trial, there was testimony that it took several people to pick it up and move it, so there was some speculation that placing the girls here would have taken two people.  Could it have been rolled to one side?

Notice in the next photo the way that the tree sits close to the heavy stone. 
Sarah thinks that if the tree wasn't moved - if the girls were dragged underneath it - it would have been very hard from someone to have carried and placed those large, heavy stones between the girls and the log.

Photocopy of the copper plate found in the woods. 

We spend a moment in Episode 2 speculating on whether those are eyebrows or antlers.